Dead Admirals’ Society, Part 1

As promised, here’s my reblog of the first post in my ‘Dead Admirals Society’ series, with number 2 to follow shortly. I hope to put up a new post in this series next week.

J D Davies

I’ve done a fair bit of travelling in the UK over the years, and invariably seek out items of naval interest wherever I am, notably the graves or monuments of naval personnel. It’s good to see that there’s now more awareness of, and interest in, such memorials than when I started my research over thirty years ago: for example, the 1805 Club, founded in 1990, works to conserve the graves of Georgian naval heroes, the Victoria Cross Trust does the same for VC winners, while the National Maritime Museum has a useful database – albeit a markedly incomplete one that’s quite difficult to find, thanks to the byzantine structure of the museum’s website.

Despite all this, though, the impression that I’ve taken away most often when visiting such sites has been one of dire neglect, even in cases where the individuals in question are counted among the country’s great…

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