Carmarthenshire Archives: Urgent Message

There’s a new and very important post by Sara Fox of the Friends of Carmarthenshire Archives in the ‘Visitor Posts’ section on the campaign Facebook page. For those of you who might not be on FB, I’ve copied and pasted the text below. Thanks in advance to all those who feel moved to take the action recommended here!

URGENT! On the 30th November the Executive Board of Carmarthen County Council will meet. There is a POSSIBILITY that the embryos of a future for your archive will be decided. PLEASE pick up a pen NOW and make your feelings known. It doesn’t have to be ‘War and Peace’ – a few focussed lines will do! • Public access to this rich archive has been denied for 2 years • The archive is currently being cleaned but will return to Cardiff in the short term • A long term plan is being considered which will involve the archive being taken to the outskirts of Swansea – forever! • Provision for archives by the Council is MANDATORY! Yet £9m of your money has just been ring fenced for a non-statutory Wellbeing Centre in Llanelli • Trinity St Davids University have offered to jointly build a new archive IN CARMARTHEN but the offer doesn’t seem to be getting recognition • Removal of the archive from Carmarthen will rip the heritage and culture out of Wales’ oldest market town, denying access for research and education of future generations PLEASE act now! Write today to one (or all of):- Mark James, CEO, Carmarthen County Hall, Carmarthen. SA31 1JP. Meryl Gravell, Regeneration & Leisure, County Hall, Carmarthen. SA31 1JP. Your local Councillor, C/O Carmarthen County Hall, Carmarthen. SA31 1JP. Thank you.


  1. Gregory Ralph says:

    The news of this rather worrying attitude by the Carmarthen Council has reached us here in Perth, Western Australia. We do not have the luxury of such archives here, because our history is relatively short HOWEVER if we did – we would certainly value such a resource extremely highly. The St.David’s Day service fills the cathedral here in Perth – so there are numerous Welsh exiles who will be saddened by the prospect of such action by the current council when impoverished councils of the past have managed to keep everything in order. Shame on you Mark James, Meryl Gravell and all the councillors who will be named if this sacrilege occurs.


    • J D Davies says:

      Thanks Gregory! If you’re happy for me to do so, I’ll copy your message onto the ‘Save Carmarthenshire Archives’ Facebook page as well.


  2. gwasygog says:

    This message is very hard to find on the FB page/visitors post you mentioned, so I have suggested there that it is moved to the normal place…. I would also like to comment that Trinity Saint Davids also have an interest in Swansea, so hope they are still supporting keeping the relevant archives in Carmarthen, especially as they run an MA in local history there…


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