The Rise of Historyism

It was a very bad week for politicians and History. Or, to be exact, it was a bad week for History because of politicians’ inability to stop distorting it to serve their own ends. Take David Cameron’s big speech to the Conservative conference, for example. ‘This is the country that … defeated the Nazis…and fought […]

Jester Minute

All authors start somewhere. I’m not quite sure when or why I got the bug, but it was certainly very early on. My mother relates how my infants school teacher (ages 4-6) told her that she loved reading my stories: whereas a lot of the kids turned out a paragraph or two about bunnies, I’d […]


Posted by J D Davies on 03/09/2012 in Fiction

In many respects, the Kindle Store on Amazon is a very odd place: titles appear and disappear for no apparent reason, prices change seemingly from day to day, and, of course, there’s the endless frustration of discovering that the book one wants to get on Kindle isn’t actually available in that format yet. Or ever. […]