I’m always delighted to hear from readers, and you can contact me using the contact form below.

However, I’m definitely not the right person to contact with enquiries about the availability of any of my titles, and regret that I can’t supply copies of my books. So, for information about e-book editions of all my fiction titles, please contact Canelo at this address. For information about the traditional print versions of the first six Quinton titles – Gentleman Captain, The Mountain of Gold, The Blast That Tears the Skies, The Lion of Midnight, The Battle of All the Ages, and Death’s Bright Angel – please contact Old Street Publishing at the appropriate address.

Alternatively, any ‘non-electronic’ correspondence about my fiction can be directed via my agent, Peter Buckman.

The Ampersand Agency
Ryman’s Cottages
Little Tew
United Kingdom

Peter can also be contacted via email, here.


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