Dutch Ships at the Battle of Beachy Head as Related to the Normans Bay Wreck

This week, I’m delighted to welcome an illustrious trio of guest bloggers – my friends and colleagues in the field of Restoration naval history, Frank Fox, Peter Le Fevre and Richard Endsor. Frank, the author of The Four Days Battle of 1666 and Great Ships: The Battlefleet of King Charles II, recently posted here about important new evidence regarding the […]

The Fleets at the Battle of Beachy Head, 1690: Part 1

I’m delighted to welcome Frank Fox as my guest blogger, both this week and next! Frank’s name will be well known to many students and readers of naval history. A former Supply Officer in the US Navy, he is the author of two of the most important books about late 17th century naval history, Great Ships: […]