Not A Norse Saga

(With apologies to the real Norse sagas, especially the greatest of them all, that unmissable TV staple of my childhood, Noggin the Nog.)   Runes the First Harken, ye warriors, as you sit by your campfires in the long dark nights. It was a time of heroes. To those who considered them so, these were Kor-binn […]

Orkney and Shetland Road Trip, Part 5

On one level, Orkney has more heritage than it knows what to do with. Great monuments that would be major tourist attractions in the south of England sit in remote fields, virtually unknown: ‘oh look, that big mound must be yet another Neolithic tomb / ho hum, yet another virtually intact World War II gun […]

Orkney and Shetland Road Trip, Part 1

As promised, this is the first of a series of short blogs from our week on the Orkney Islands (with a detour to Shetland for the Up Helly Aa festival), concentrating on the naval and 16th/17th century historical aspects. Despite the best efforts of the British winter, we both made it to Orkney at just […]

Looking at Things The Right Way Up

Cards on the table: sat nav is the spawn of Satan. So, too, are such iniquities as reality TV shows, Welsh rugby teams that aren’t the Scarlets, and, of course, caravans, but today I’m concerned with geography. I refuse to use sat nav, partly because I prefer to rely on maps and that trusty piece […]