History Conference Bingo

Mayday! Time for something a little offbeat and lighthearted, aimed at all those of you who have ever attended, or are likely to attend, history conferences – your essential companion to pass the time during the more boring papers and plenary sessions. Enjoy!

(On holiday next week, so not certain if I’ll be able to blog on the next couple of Mondays. If not, I’ll try to make up for lost time afterwards.)


  1. Peter says:

    You forgot power point dies in middle of paper. Power point text/illustrations can’t be read from front row. Some idiot doesn’t turn phone off and it rings during conference and/or owner doesn’t recognise the ring tone. Finally most important after talk attendees as well as next day speakers drink themselves into oblivion and get propositioned by member of opposite sex.


  2. Somebody appears to have attended some of the same conferences as did I.


  3. jsmjf2 says:


    (from last conference I attended)


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