I hope you’ll forgive a little triumphalism this week, but last Thursday, I received the Anderson medal for the best maritime history book of 2017 from Admiral Sir Kenneth Eaton, chairman of the awarding body, the Society for Nautical Research. Although I’d known about the award for some months, and blogged about it in some detail here, it was still a proud and exciting moment. A nervous one, too, as I also had to deliver a lecture on the subject of the book, but fortunately, the large audience was gentle with me, partly because a good number of friends and family had turned up to support me!

Mind you, one audience member left half way through, grumbling audibly, and then spent much of the drinks reception kicking me…perhaps I should point out, though, that Felix is three months old.

Receiving the Anderson Medal from Admiral Sir Ken Eaton
(photo – Nigel Blanchford)

Anyway, normal blogging will be resumed next week, when I’ll be publishing the first in a series of blogs linked to my new book, Destiny’s Tide, in the buildup to its publication on 26 June. What links Atlantis, H P Lovecraft and Notre Dame cathedral? Find out next time!

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